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"Loren is a powerhouse PR machine.  From day one we hit the ground running with article after article in credible sources like The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, The Real Deal, etc.  She manages the process and timing as a pro and keeps on top of me and pushes the stories that make a difference.  Loren is an professional image builder."

Roger Krulak, CEO, Full Stack Modular

"For a play or musical to succeed in the competitive New York theater scene, you must have a press rep who knows how to gets results. Loren Pomerantz is that press rep. We never would have gotten the key television and online exposure we did if it weren’t for Loren’s smarts and tenacity. Loren doesn’t stop following up until she makes something happen. She also has a wonderful diplomatic touch and knows how to handle any PR “crises” that come up. Creative, loyal, levelheaded and a big-time theater-lover, Loren Pomerantz is absolutely the person you want repping your show!"

Robin Rothstein (Co-Producer/Book Writer/Lyricist - MAD L IBS LIVE!)

“Loren greatly exceeded our expectations by getting DrivingGreen spots in many media outlets, including FOX and ABC News, as well as on the Rachael Ray Show. Her insight and expert advice led to measurable, tangible results. DrivingGreen was really an unknown until Loren came along. I highly recommend Loren and look forward to working with her again.”

~ Dan Linsky, Director, DrivingGreen


“I've had the great luxury of working with the finest PR agents NYC has to offer, and Loren definitely sits among a special class of savvy, quick-thinking, incredibly creative professionals. I've learned a great deal at her side and have always been impressed by her intuitive approach to some of the toughest PR and marketing challenges out there, but even more impressed by her integrity. She is a woman you can trust, and in my estimation, that is the single most important quality you could ask for in a partner.”

~ Jasmine Bina, President, JBC Communications


“I entrust our clients to Loren and she consistently delivers with relevant and top tier coverage. As of this writing, Loren recently delivered Bloomberg and CNNMoney profile stories that had a great impact on our clients’ business. Loren’s pragmatic and honest approach to PR, combined with a crystal clear understanding of what makes news and a roll-up-her-sleeves approach makes her one of the best PR people I’ve worked with.”

~ Kevin Mercuri, President & Founder, Propheta Communications


“Loren is a straight shooter with years of experience under her belt and a deep "Rolodex" of press contacts. She had the ability to assess what is news driven and provide clients with guidance to maximize their media goals and objectives. During our time working together, I was able to count on her to create business strategies, as well as find new ways to approach media with ongoing clients.”

~ Alison Lazar, Media & Talent Relations Consultant

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